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Our Purpose


Empower and inspire communities and companies to create play spaces to improve children’s health, increase inclusivity and strengthen community.


We believe that every community should have the resources and opportunities to ensure play for its citizens.


We value the invigorating benefits of play, the vitality of childhood, equal access for quality family time and a community that comes together for the greater good.

Who We Are:

A resource provided by Cunningham Recreation to customers, communities and play-minded companies to empower the planning, funding and development of play and multi-generational fitness spaces in neighborhoods across the country.

Capacity Building Program:

Play 4 ALL is a valuable service that partners with projects in order to maximize their potential to align missions and mobilize resources for the development of new or revamping existing play spaces.

We understand that barriers often exist between your willingness to bring a new play environment to your community and the resources available. Allocated dollars for parks and recreation can only go so far in a growing community. Fierce competition on dollars makes fully funding a park/playground improvement project challenging.

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Play 4 ALL works closely with your project to identify and attain the following resources:

  • Human capital (volunteers, project spokespeople, committee members)
  • Social capital (awareness generated by an effective community campaign)
  • Monetary capital (funds)

Attaining the necessary resources yield play opportunities that greatly impact the health and wellness of a community. Cunningham Recreation believes that every community deserves these opportunities.

Training Program:

Play 4 ALL offers trainings, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics involving communitiy engagement, fund development, volunteer management, value of play, the power of inclusion and more. Play 4 ALL works closely with Play Core’s Strategic Services team and together can come to your community/conference and provide a CEU session.

What We Can Do for You?

Together we can help you reach your project goal by assessing and positioning your project to undergo a successful community campaign. A campaign that involves a strong community engagement component able to mobilize the capital needed (philanthropic dollars).

Grants and charitable gifts are earmarked towards the investment of play locally, regionally, and nationally. The key is to find them and access them. The Play 4 ALL team can help you:

  • Prospect potential funders/partners
  • Build awareness about your project
  • Create a fund development plan
  • Strengthen your case for play in order to engage more investors
  • Implement Cause Marketing strategies
  • Coach your team on milestone events

How to Get Started

For more information on how to get started, please visit our JOIN page.