Children playing at Inclusive and Universally Accessible playground

Case 4 Play

Play is essential to every human being, from every walk of life.  Play is universal, an unspoken and innate connection made by complete strangers. Play brings people together of all ages, all belief systems and all abilities. Often, a playground is a child’s first social experience in the “outside world”, an experiential journey that fosters social skills and lends to their understanding of commonalities and differences among other children.

Play and physical activity have countless benefits. Studies have shown that play and physical activity throughout the day increase test scores and make for better students who are ready to learn, and also leads to better behavior in class.

Bringing play opportunities to our communities is a universal movement that bridges people together rather than divides them. Recreational areas build character, provide free family time, promote healthy living and strengthen community.

Play is transformative. Play is invigorating. Play is EVERYTHING.

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