Children playing at Inclusive and Universally Accessible playground

Case 4 Play

Play is essential to every human being, from every walk of life.  Play is universal, an unspoken and innate connection made by complete strangers. Play brings people together of all ages, all belief systems and all abilities. Often, a playground is a child’s first social experience in the “outside world”, an experiential journey that fosters social skills and lends to their understanding of commonalities and differences among other children.

Play and physical activity have countless benefits. Studies have shown that play and physical activity throughout the day increase test scores and make for better students who are ready to learn, and also leads to better behavior in class.

Bringing play opportunities to our communities is a universal movement that bridges people together rather than divides them. Recreational areas build character, provide free family time, promote healthy living and strengthen community.

Play is transformative. Play is invigorating. Play is EVERYTHING.

Play 4 ALL provides projects with unique and creative ways to position a community-wide campaign, leverage partnership opportunities and mobilize philanthropic resources.  We specialize in the following areas:

red petal for inclusion Inclusion

Inclusion means “all belong”, leaving no one out. Creating an inclusive play space is more than providing access through ramps and specialized surfacing. It requires innovative products AND thoughtful design rooted in field tested practices and scholarly research.  Play 4 ALL and its counterparts are EXPERTS in creating an inclusive play place that engages and enriches all ages and abilities.

teal petal for fitness multigenerational Fitness Multigenerational

Active living is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor play and regular movement help combat obesity, depression, anxiety and provides people of all ages the opportunity to develop healthy habits that can promote wellness and prolong life. Play 4 ALL uses statistical research and innovative fitness designs to rally communities around changing attitudes and habits about exercise.  We can help communities develop family fun fitness zones that make exercise and movement fun.

lime green petal for active students Active Students

Children who can engage in physical activity during school hours become more focused, absorb more information and in turn, are better students. Play has a biological place like sleeping, eating and dreaming. It is critical for learning institutions to provide students with recess opportunities that promote cooperation,  goal setting, communication, turn-taking, conflict resolution and more. A well designed school-based play and fitness space can enrich students’ development and help them master a multitude of skills that will last a lifetime.

gold petal for healing communities Healing Communities

Some communities are becoming more fractured with a division between law enforcement/emergency responders and citizens. There does not need to be a high-profile event for communities to act now and bring these sectors together for the greater good. Working towards a common goal of building a playground can help dismantle stereotypes and foster greater communication and understanding rebuilding trust and social cohesion for the next generation.

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